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Young scooter rap game street game

young scooter rap game street game

I don't fuck with 400 'cause he a game rat (true story).
game They know I want all the smoke so the feds took the cowboys.I don't make club music, nigga this for the dope boys.Lil Mexico City, that's where.They gave my little brother nine years like yesterday.You don't want no smoke, lil boy stay in your lane.Two to five on every outfit that I wear (racks).Since Double died, a lot of shit ain't been the same (OG D).Verse 2, street i don't play with hoes, I play with bricks.Everything I rap about is real talk, no pretendo.Real street nigga, fuck some rap fame.Made it through the struggle, now I'm flexin' yeah (flex).Lost everything I had and got some bands from Bino.The day I walked up out that jail Future bought me a Benzo.All I want is free bands and cocaine (Freebandz) Zone 6, game we done took the rap game scooter (yeah) Outro I play with bricks Jugg, jugg Flex Racks Black Amigo Scooter, that's my name street (more problems, more money) Real street nigga, fuck some rap fame, yeah. Yeah I ran off on my migo, changed my name to Lorenzo.
Zone 6, we done took the rap game (yeah).
I got twenty hustles, that's how I got rich (jugg, jugg).

I made a couple million out skype them project hallways.Intro, yeah yeah, black Migo Gang skype nigga, herion in this motherfucker.Everything I do is for the gang like the song say.Blame it on my mama, bitch I grew up a wild boy.All this dope I rap about, skype I make the police horny (street).I'm good in fifty states, I got a million dollar skype face skype card.I just blew two hundred thousand bettin' on games (count up). Oh skype no I ain't money hungry nigga, I'm hungry for money.
You ain't seen your bitch, I got her driving skype packs (road runnin.